Make Your Carpet Cleaning Business More Environment Friendly

Author:Lauren Zwiebel

A carpet cleaning business with an eco-friendly touch is often more attractive to customers. Consumer consciousness has made it imperative for businesses to use more productive, less environmentally damaging methods of cleaning upholstery. Whether you are a contractor or own your own cleaning business, you need to invest in a carpet cleaner that offers multiple benefits, such as low flow technology and less detergent use.

Water Efficiency

Older models of carpet cleaner machines relied on the use of gallons of water for cleaning a single carpet. Because many areas have water restrictions, this may be not be feasible for cleaning. High water consumption also translates into bigger waste water disposal worries. You cannot dump the dirty water on client premises or into storm drains. Therefore, use a carpet cleaner that has low flow technology to make the process more water efficient.

A new carpet cleaner model from a reputable supplier generally uses the least possible amount of water without sacrificing on power. Equipped with low moisture technology, a carpet cleaner not only reduces water consumption but also decreases carpet drying time. Drying times as low as 1 to 6 hours enhance productivity and reduce the risk of odors, mold, and germs from forming. Mold grows incredibly fast on moist surfaces. Besides generating unpleasant odors, they spread disease and allergies through airborne spores. As spores spread, molds can reach every corner of the damp carpet or car seat in a matter of hours. This is why most carpet cleaning and car wash businesses prefer carpet cleaning machines with low flow rates for fast drying.

Nontoxic Detergents

There are other reasons environmentally friendly carpet cleaning machines are so popular with commercial users. A green carpet cleaner suctions out most of the dirty water and detergent from the carpet, leaving behind minimal detergent residues or water. Commercial detergents left behind can be toxic, particularly for pets and children. In addition to eco-friendly carpet cleaning machines, commercial users have gone a step further and added eco-friendly, nontoxic detergents to their cleaning supplies. Since no system can remove all of the detergent use, opting for a green cleaner will ensure carpets are safe for pets, children, and other who come into contact with cleaned carpet fibers.

Green carpet cleaner chemicals can boost your carpet cleaning business in many ways. When diluted, these cleaners are cost effective. Many companies also offer discounts on wholesale purchases. You can use them the same way you use regular carpet shampooers products. They can be applied manually to carpets to remove spots of grease, stains, odors, molds, and pet urine and they can be used with carpet shampooers as a detergent solution. A combination of both is the most effective method for complete carpet cleaning.

Green chemicals can be stored without any extra precautions. They are nonreactive and nonflammable. Despite being harmless to the environment and people, these chemicals act strongly against dirt. They remove grease, wax, stains, odors, mud, and molds by forming chemical bonds with dirt molecules to extract dirt out of the carpet and car seat fibers.

To find the best eco-friendly carpet cleaners and chemicals, consult a reputable green supplier.

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