How Efficient Is Professional Stain Removal?

Go to YouTube or Google, and you will find dozens of videos and tips on removing stains from your carpets. From baking soda and salt to using essential oils as a natural deodorizer, countless blogs and vlogs will try to convince you that you can beat any persistent stain with a little effort and time on your hands.

We have some bad news for you – most of those cleaning “hacks” are sheer nonsense. They might help you when treating the stain immediately but have no chance of getting any results for persistent old spots. Your only alternative is to book a professional stain removal service – or get used to the stains.

I know what you are going to say – you are a professional carpet cleaner, and of course, you will try to sell your service! Fair enough – but let me tell you why specialized stain removal is so effective.

What Is The Real Problem With Old Stains?

Let’s address the most common household stains – coffee, wine, tea, ketchup or other food. The common denominator is that all of them contain certain substances – caffeine, tannin, or fats – that quickly soak into the carpet and stick to the fibers. You may remove most of the spilled substance, but a residue will always remain unless you clean the carpet immediately. It is this residue that discolors the fabrics and creates the appearance of staining. 

Why Is Specialized Stain Removal Effective?

Because it addresses the very cause of the problem. Instead of cleaning the whole carpet, the treatment concentrates on the problematic area. A powerful chemical compound reacts with the stain residue, dissolves it, and makes it easy to remove. At the same time, it is perfectly safe for the structure of the fabrics. You do not need cumbersome steam washing equipment, and you do not have to plan for long drying spans – the treatment rarely requires more than fifteen minutes!